Are We Allowed To Post Links?

I started a shop over on a site called Redbubble and I’m designing Pro 2A type stuff to go on various “print on demand” items like T shirts and coffee mugs. It’s called T-Shirt Uprising. I was going to share a link but wasn’t sure if it was allowed. Over on that other gun forum I’m now banned from, they considered all such links as spam. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, if it’s cool, I’ll post up the link.


share away
in fact approach Robert for a banner deal.


crap, just realized those are missing, seems the update yesterday wiped out all the ads :headache:


Don’t know about a banner deal yet but my store link is:

I’ve only got 4 designs up now. I like a couple more than the others. Working on more.

Thanks for letting me post it.


AAAAANNNNDDDDD… It’s gone. Apparently I posted a design that got somebody’s panties twisted. I got an email saying I can open another shop but further violations could result in an IP ban. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.


lol, why are you so mean anyhow, hurtin all those internet feelers with your offensive shirts?


Because the tears of Liberals taste good on a hot summer day, :smiling_imp:

Anyway. I opened a new shop. I’m just doing a few items to test the waters so no t-shirts yet. I have to mark any gun related content as “mature” so people may have to create an account in order to see most of my stuff and check the “show mature content” box at the bottom of the account profile page.

The new shop is :

Here’s a few of my better ones that can’t be seen without an account.