Are we getting our rights back?


After decades of losing our 2A rights one chip at a time, are we getting back what we lost? The anti-gun like to say they’re winning. But are they? This is a map of the US showing our right to carry over the years.



We have gotten a lot of them back, but only at the cost of loosing out on other options permanently! Take the Russian AK bans. Foreign country assault weapons ban. Full auto ban. I could go on but Both you and I have seen what we use to have compared to today.


This won’t be a certainty until this next series of “assault weapons” and other such bans are gone in to vapor.


We need to make sure we stay on it at our state and local level. Watch for those bills, go to meetings, hit them with facts.


Hear,hear.and vote everytime! And make those calls and show up for face to face anytime you can! And my favorite bitchin point,we really need to do someting about commie teachers unions!
They corrupt our youth (future)!


Absolutely right!! :+1: