You will have setbacks in life , but those setbacks are the foundation on which you build on.

Regardless of what we will be facing in the future , alone or as a part of a team , you , and you alone must discover your inner strengths and learn how to not give up, to keep pushing forward no matter how torn up you are .

Learn to think outside of the box and do the unexpected , and while you are doing that continue to crawl an inch forward just by your fingertips alone in a positive manner every day, then up onto your hands and knees slowly getting stronger moving forward several feet at a time while you learn how to breath and channel your strength , move in a deliberate fashion always forward not letting the pain stop you, but in you pushing the pain out of the way until you can rest later and then and only then let it out with a HOWL !

You will stagger and fall when you go to stand , but you can do it , you just have to believe in yourself that you are not ready to be beat.

Learn new tactics and skills that will help you to not only walk but to start running , and in running how to leave what has been holding you back in the dust … always moving forward .

Always look at helping others with a hand up , encourage the weaker pups to find their own wolf voice to join with yours and HOWL together , to be cautious and wary of the unknown not fearful and roll belly up to it piddling themselves .

Teach them what you know so as to help them grow strong and fierce , that one day when you can no longer take the lead that the Pack will always remember that you were always there for them and now is the time for them to be there for you .

You chose to teach them where true strength comes from and how to regain it when all looks lost , and that going hungry from time to time is a good thing that the memory should stay with them forever , that they may always remember the good hunts as well as the bad ones , and the Pack will be stronger for it.


A watch dog would be more accurate, a wolf preys upon the sheep. I prefer the animated contest of freedom over the chains of despotism imposed by a fiction (government) that claims a false sovereignty.


Never been called either, I hear asshole a lot…so yeah i’m an asshole.



A Watch Dog implies that there is a Master who will feed it so that it doesn’t prey upon the flock .

A wolf has no Master , other then The Creator and then the Pack .

While wolves do prey upon the sheep they primarily only selectively take down the sick and infirm .

And while I in know way advocate such a thing be applied to the general population as a whole , and definitely not now , there are plenty of Sheep now a days who not only do not want a Watch Dog around to protect them.

Those once nice and sane Sheep have gone feral and diseased in their brains , they have grown teeth and claws of their own and are now looking at that Watch Dog as not just the enemy but as prey , and a corpse to feast on.

These are the “Sheep” that will one day need to be selectively culled from the flock so as to rid it of the disease that it is spreading.


Yes, I have a Master. My master is the Most High, the creator of the heavens and the earth.


Me too. Im more of Mexican fighting rooster.


More a puma.

No pack or flock, just me and my mate.


I was being allegorical in expressing my inner most thoughts on the subject of how over time , hopefully , we change and grow , a rebirth if you will , where you truly begin to perceive the hidden truths in today’s society.

Once upon time I thought … “If we can just get some honest people to run for office then we can fix all of this.”

Then it turned into … "Well if we can all stand together then we can force the politicians to get us out of this mess.

But then the evil sickness that was hidden from the average American for the most part was projectile vomited in our faces by those same politicians , like Linda Blair did to the priest in THE EXORCIST . Thus covering us with their same inner filth and told to join them or die.

Now I see things thusly , G-d is going to bring his hammer down on us just as he did Sodom and Gomorrah , and just as Lot begged for him to spare them if he could find enough just and righteous men , alas he couldn’t. The same with America , we cannot save most of the people even if we wanted to because they are beyond saving anymore .
They mock , ridicule , jeer , physically assault us , lie about us , the media is on their side , most politicians use them for their own means to further their ambitions , they pollute the minds of our children and grandchildren and say that WE are the depraved ones !

Nope not anymore. THEY , the sick Sheep, want our blood , and as such I will bow my head and turn my back on them , just as Lot did when the cities of the plain burned down and consumed the sick Sheep.

And any sick Sheep that come after me and mine … well they will not find a Watch Dog or two , nay , they will find a Wolf and his Pack , with BIG sharp pointy teeth .




Sheep, Wolf, Watch Dog…

How ‘bout a real foul creature with sharp pointy teeth.



Democrats often call me a sheep. I can’t figure out why though, it seems they’re the ones always wanting to be herded around by government regulation. Oh well, not everyone can choose their own path.


Maybe just maybe we , the ones having this conversation , are the reason He hasn’t already dropped the hammer, we are still here for Lot to find when he starts looking for the ten good men.


Very well said Festus , definitely food for thought there. :smiley: :+1:


Agreed. :+1:t2:



I would be the Shepard I suppose.
I watch over the sheep and eat them as well.
I watch for the wolf that preys on the sheep and kill it.


Wolves that eat good sheep are Baaaaaaaaaadd …

But on a more serious note , our ministry is called Servants and Shepherds , because we are all called to serve in some fashion and to shepherd those who are weak or to protect them .

That doesn’t mean mad dogs , sick sheep or bad wolves.


Run away!