Are you going to Open to public or not


I’m kinda tired of seeing excuse after excuse of why they have not opened to the public they need to stick to the promises they make to people instead of egging them on quite frankly if they cannot keep there word then i’m deleting my account because they can’t give us updates they say there team is small then say its bigger if they couldn’t have The resources to manage the site they should not have to begin with that’s just like not thinking before you act or jumping into a pool and not knowing how to swim so many people on here ask about it daily hardly most of the time they just keep making excuses one after the other i’m kinda done


Uh ouch that would have to hurt especially a truck ow


I have no idea what the full30 team is going through right now, but I truly believe that they are very busy. Keep the faith Brother. We see more and more channels on full30 every day. Please hang in there and keep your chin up


Not trying to be a dick or anything, but its a lot of work to get this off the ground. Its like video games. Everyone is pissed when there is a delay. Then they piss and moan when it launches and it is all glitchy because they rushed it to meet the deadline. In the end its easy to point out flaws without being able to offer solutions. Id rather them get it right the first time, and wait a while longer, then to have it rushed and horrible.


Not trying to be a dick then followed with a dick of a response saying you are not trying to be a dick but at the same time you are is like you saying i are a moran in when you meant moron


@BigCfishing1229 Feel free to introduce yourself under the new user thread.
I can understand the frustration but @DOSE_OF_FREEDOM was super nice to you. If your dream is that you want people to watch your videos as you posted before, this is the forum to encourage viewership, not turn them away.

I always had a dream to become successful on youtube but now im not sure if it will happen they know how to destroy peoples dreams


No one was being a "dick’ to you so you really need to chill out. Asinine attitudes really are not needed here. As another poster pointed out, getting something like this up and running takes a lot of time, effort, and $$$$$$$. So while you’re enjoying this site for FREE, if you have a issue with how long it’s taking to get this site going maybe you should think about donating some serious $$$$$$$ towards the developers.


No has your mother ever told you money dont grow on trees


How about we all step back and take a breath.


Listen Turbo. You come here acting the arse, accuse members of being “dicks” and expect this site to be to your “expectations” with absolutely no support from the members financially-especially YOU.

Here’s the bottom line, if you don’t like it then move on. Delete your account as you have threatened, your choice. All you appear to care about is this site being public so you can publish videos from what I have gathered in this thread. I guess you need your 15 minutes of fame, cool if that’s your deal.

You are right about one thing, money doesn’t grow on trees. So until you decide you can invent that tree then your only options are either be patient with the folks running this site or find somewhere else that meets your expectations.

In the meantime, acting the arse towards other members really won’t get you anywhere here.



Did your parents teach you to be courteous to your fellow man? DOSE_OF_FREEDOM was blunt in his reply, which was perfectly acceptable and was in no-way being an asshole. You on the other hand escalated the situation the moment you posted the quote at the top of this post.

Like Tactical_Reviews said, take a moment and reflect and regroup. Life’s too short to be petty mate.


Thanks for the support guys. Much appreciated. :+1: