Are you ready for Civil War v2.0?


Well, you better be, because we’re already in it, and losing.


Good points you make here. Not bad for a guy who’s helmet didn’t help much. (love it by the way.)

I can only hope we find some good hackers on our side of this war and put them to good use. Can you envision a world without social media? I can. Just a bit of fond memories I guess. We’ve been duped by progress. I think the future is in short wave radio.


No CW 2. The little losers don’t have the balls. They fight on social media. You know hidden like the little “kittens” they are.
Find some good truth stuff like this - post it and watch the libsuck meltdown.


Flush the dnc any way you can. :wink:


You should watch the video I posted, because you said what I said in the video.


Careful, Vitaly called in his mom for the next civil war.


Heres a video on an antifa chapter in the SW.


Too bad these big companies running the social media show aren’t forced to abide by the first amendment. They’re allowed to have their own ‘policies’ as private companies. I wonder how many others people You Tube screwed like that? Maybe a class action suit would get their attention.


I’ve been watching and looking for a class action law suit. A few have been filed but end up tossed out. Something needs to be organized and go after them hard and strong. It’s bad enough they cancelled our channel, but they kept the funds we earned. And that pisses me off.


You should at least send them a strongly worded letter on your favorite attorney friend’s letterhead to make them pay you what they owe you. That’s downright fraudulent.