"Are you ready for some football?"


Apparently, Hank JR. will be back for Monday Night Football after being let go 6 years ago. Hmmm. I wonder why. My little guy summed it up pretty well. “damage control”


Just my contrary nature showing but I don’t watch any sports on TV .It seems that the more money they make the more they think that thier opinion matters to the rest of us on subjects they know nothing about.


This will be my third trip 0ut there . I have meet people from the government to everyday there . Some will surprise you with how well they shoot and how badly but I haven’t had any of them say or do anything to make me regret going .although there was a older female lawyer that raged on everyone that crossed her path. But being a southern Missouri hillbilly I just told her to have. A nice day and to kiss my neither region.


Taking a knee on football ,ESPN,cabel bs politics feel that gun control is more important! So I’m out putting 2 bullets in1 hole that’s gun control!