Are you really a prepper?

In the 50s and 60s my parents did not call it prepping, they called it everyday life.
In 1966 my ole man sat me down and told me that sometime in the future, there is going to be an event that changes the course of worldly events. That would be 9/11.

Starting then and through 2003 I collected every reloading supply I could find from the 50s and 60s. Not the new stuff, but the stuff my ole man made me use. Next I bought a shot out M1 Garand from the grandson of a dead man. Then I bought half of a model 700 that was found in a car, and owned by a dead man. I spent the rest of the 2000s buying stuff for a grid down or EMP or nuke scenario. Being a prior NBC NCO, I kinda knew what I needed. My brother who just retired from civilian radcon work and having been an NBC officer, he gave me some radiation meters duration masks. (radcon = radiation control).

By 2010 I had everything I could ever need and more. If I were to sell any of it, I would collect dollars for pennies spent.
About the only thing we have done since then is rotate food stock.
So Dont really know if Im a prepper, but we are prepped.


Fat guys can’t run so they will have to stand and fight…maybe get a couple mags off…being fit does not mean you will survive…you can’t out run a bullet…the SHTF talk has been going on for so long that most of those fat guys got old and fat waiting for it to happen…and will die of old age before it does…


We will find out…


I hope not.
[BSA motto here]