Arex zero 1 or cz p10?



After watching MACs reliability test with the Arex I have been wanting to buy one. I also have seen MACs and many other reviews about the CZ P10 and am strongly considering buying that one. I do not have a striker filed pistol yet but was hoping to get more opinions on which one might be the better choice to buy first?

Secondly, I am from a different state from copper customs and would like to support the military arms channel but a, not aware if I would be able to even buy a firearm from coppercustom because I would be out of state. Does anyone know how that would work?

Thank you kindly for your time!


Mike G


I can’t help you with your choice in pistols, as I’ve shot neither of them, but I can explain your “out of state” purchase. You will need to find an FFL(dealer) in your state who will accept the firearm as a transfer. You then purchase your pistol of choice from CC(online) and have it shipped to your local dealer. The local dealer will perform the necessary background check and transfer the pistol to you. Be aware, dealers charge a “transfer fee” for firearms shipped from other dealers. It’s usually about $50. They have to make something from the service since they’re not getting the actual sale.


That was very helpful, thank you very much!


Seriously, I’ve been thinking about this one for the past two days! And guess what, why not get both? Variety is the spice of life, my friend! While you’re at it, you might want to throw an LH9N MKII and a CQB Tactical LE (or a Protector) into the mix. Just get 'em all. Your money is well spent on either of those.


Oh, and while I said I’ve shot neither pistols and although I have heard good things about the Arex, I am partial to CZ’s(seriously, my screen name is based off of the fact that a 75B was my first handgun purchase). They just seem to fit my hand so well. I’ve actually never heard anyone complain about the ergonomics of them. The only gripes have come from people with particularly small hands due to the rather thick factory grip panels on the steel framed guns. This can be corrected by changing grips, but as of yet has not been an issue I’ve heard of from the polymer guns.

IF it is possible in your area to rent the pistols in question for range sessions, that is the route I’d go in making the decision. Just don’t rent them both in the same day. Shoot one, then go back and shoot the other a few days later. Lather, rinse, repeat until you start finding a preference.


In do time! I am buying a new vehicle as well so convincing the wife to buy more than one pistol right now will be difficult! I suppose the better written question would be which one I should buy first! Haha, thank you for your input!


That would certainly be ideal. I did recently purchase a cz scorpion carbine and it alone is having an impression to check out more of what cz has to offer!


I’ll give you some solid no BS advice : If I were you I would wait for XS systems to launch Big Dot Tritium Express sights for both the P-10C and the Rex Zero 1S. Mechanically, as a gun, the Rex Zero 1S is good to go. As for the P-10C, I’d wait for Tim’s Elements & Gauntlet Test to pass judgement in case you are looking for a go to war reliable pistol. I value Tim’s test, -he and others might disagree- but I think a sample of one test is a good indicator regardless. In the meantime, why won’t you look at the LH9N MKII? The price of neither of these guns is steep. As of now, the LH9N MKII is sold out though. So if you have an UOR for a new polymer striker fired hand gun, may I suggest the PPQ M2? You can’t go wrong with that one either, and it’s not expensive. I would also recommend a PX4 Storm. It’s your call… Any of these guns is really really good. I hate Glocks, M&Ps, XDs and other what I would consider to be entry level/low end hand guns, if you care to know. Whatever it is you buy, just make sure you don’t waste your money but spend it wisely. If you get a real quality hand gun, you’re gonna get a quality result. I believe in money well spent. Good luch making your decision!