Arizona, take a look.




Uh oh. This is not good news.


Remember Sarah Brady?
Deja Vu.
At least he is running as a Democrap.
No wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Liked the headline of that story ‘tiIl I got to the last three words.


He is married and involved with Ms Kelly the Congresswoman that was shot in the face in AZ. They have become poster children for gun control. Sorry she got shot, but don’t much like the exploitation of that.


Yeah. Giffords has been pretty “gabby” since she mostly recoverd.


I feel he will be a one issue person in this race . He will ride his wifes injury for all he can.


They’re really making progress down here lately…it’s sickening…like watching someone you love die of cancer.


Unfortunately I think AZ’s great ride is close to ending. :frowning: What a damn shame that it is turning left this quickly. Soon it’ll be blue. My wife and I love AZ.

Oh and fuck that Giffords chick. Me and my family’s rights and well being are more important than her feelings even with her being a victim of crime involving a firearm. I’m also a victim of crime involving a firearm and that’s made me more of an advocate of firearm ownership and the 2A. I give zero fucks about people’s feelings, our rights are more important.


All th F’n Californians are moving over here since they destroyed their state…that coupled with the exponentially growing Hispanic population (who ironically, historically vote for the communists) is driving us down quick.


It’s destroying Texas too just like it already destroyed Colorado and New Mexico.


This /\ , screw her.


Us Oregonians are suffering from this. If we could just deport Portland to Cali we would be redder than Idaho.


Like any non native animal they need to be eradicated.


I can’t agree more.


I hope you guys don’t think of me as a F’n Californian once i get the h out of here.

Oh no!!!

Not all Californians are bad. Those running from Ca nonesense are not bad. Others are beasically spreading the crazy.


Hurry up and get over here! We NEED you!!!
I will personally declare you an AZ native the minute you arrive!
And btw…I left that hellhole over 44 years ago! Been here for over 30…watched it go from a cowboy town to a suburban nightmare.


I went to up state New York last spring and saw more rebel flags there than I do in southern Missouri .so I know that not everyone there behind the lines are anti freedom they are just stuck there by family or jobs. And dont have the numbers to change the state.


I live in CA and have for the last 30 years due to work. But I was born in Nashville, TN! So I’m going to be saying, “Hi, I just moved here from Tennessee! “


Not at all