Armalite vs DPMS pattern AR10s

Not trying to change the topic too much but do you AR10 guys generally prefer the DPMS or Armalite pattern AR10s?

It depends who you ask and if you want to do your own build or not. I am not much of a builder and really like my AR10 B models, but they are a little bit of dinosaurs. They only take Armalite Gen 2 magazines. The newer A models take Magpul and DPMS compatible magazines. Most people who build their own rifles go with DPMS standard because of a lot more parts availability from suppliers.
That being said, both my AR10s are incredibly accurate. The standard rifle, and the AR10T carbine with heavy barrel. I think the Armalite AR10 benefitted a bit from integrated systems development, that is the engineering of how parts interoperate, and how they can be tuned to optimally operate together. but now I think that advantage is less than it used to be.

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