Armed citizen stops active shooter in Oklahoma




So Fox gets it right. Let’s see how CNN & MSNBC spin this. If they mention it at all.


Im guessing they wont mention it. CNN is usally on in the luchroom at work. Its amazing how both sides pick and choose what they share and how thry share it. News has not been infomative for a long time. Its all about pushing agendas. You would think an armed citizen saving lives would be praised. Instead its almost like it never happened.


Well I’m a bit surprised but CNN did cover it. They’re line however reads Armed Citizen “Gunned down” a Shooter.
So while true still makes it sound bad. Minor spin but…
Armed citizen kills shooter at Oklahoma City restaurant


Bare bones info sounds like a righteous shoot, local PD calling the armed citizen a hero. Only death was the bad gun. One person on a large firearm web forum claimed to be PD in that area, said the perp was known to LE, local slightly off kilter nutjob, and the CCW permit holder was actually walking by to parts unknown when he became involved.



Yeah, I was a bit surprised they reported it, too. But, you sure caught their real attitude about it with that focus on the good guy “gunning down” the bad guy. Geez! Give me a break! I think “stopped” would have been more appropriate.


Good to see Even if the wording was a bit off. I still agree the media loves to see the shooters prevail. Makes for a much better story and that seems to be all they care about. And no follow ups. You would think they would try to gain insight by interviewing some of these killers. But either they never do, or its not deemed important enough to promote the story. Normal people do not simply wake up and kill other people. I think especially with the school shootings they could gain alot by finding out what triggered the behavior. They cover the victims who would speak out against guns, but leave out that the shooter was told he should kill himself every day for the past month. Ya know? Most if not all the shootings were by males without a father figure present in the home. And yet its no longer illegal to cheat on your spouse because “everyone was doing it”. Its like society is looking to add to the issue while blaming anything to make their hands look clean. Just my .002.


And the article from ABC focused on the perp had a firearms license…of course…