Armorer's Certificates


So I recently graduated from the Sonoran Desert Institute of Firearms Technology. It gave me a lot of information on how to troubleshoot basic issues, and even got me to build an AR-15 from an 80% lower as a final project.

While looking online to see what jobs I could apply for, most of them require a number of different armorer’s courses. Can anyone suggest or point me towards a reputable company to certify in different platforms?


Do you have local guns shops? See if you can get in there to get you rolling.


I’m working at one for right now part time as a range officer, I’ve asked the owner but I keep getting the run around. I was wondering if anyone knew of any courses offered that I could simply attend myself.

Tactical_Reviews, thank you for the quick response though, much appreciated.


I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for one that comes to my area. Much thanks Robert.


I agree, Glock would be a big feather in your cap. There’s also NRA courses as well as law enforcement classes for firearms.

A quick google search for “online armorer course” turned up a lot of choices.


Frontsight offers one day classes.