Army Birthday Today

June 14 1775 is the Army’s Birthday.
The U.S. Army was founded on June 14, 1775, when the Continental Congress authorized enlistment of riflemen to serve the for one year.
In celebration we went to the Range and shot the war dogs.
We had a great time and shot numerous rifles as well as a few handguns.
Being a former member of the 2nd Cavalry it was historic day for myself as well.
The 2nd Cavalry Regiment , also known as the 2nd Dragoons was formed in 1836,
and is the oldest continuously serving unit in the army.
The soldiers of the 2d Cavalry Regiment who have steadfastly served their nation since 1836.
Toujours Pret!!!

We had numerous firearms and a few new folks we introduced to the shooting sports.
We had a great time and shot a lot of History today.

Thank a soldier today in remembrance!


My oldest son is happy for the Army’s Birthday as he has 17 years of that history. He is stationed at Fort Bragg with the 3rd Special Forces, and I am glad he is still able to celebrate.


My oldest as well.
18 years for him.
Stationed at Fort Bliss currently.
I am glad as well he can celebrate.


Thank you and your sons.