Army to replace 5.56 with 6.8mm



Must … get …


What ever it is you know it’s bloody awesome.



I thought that they killed this after Spec II a few years ago stating that the 5.56 with heavier bullets gave the same performance.


Is the 6.8 perform as well at close-in distances as longer range?


So it seems like they followed through with their new ammunition development. I remember reading they were developing new rounds. This will be interesting.

I’m looking foreword to getting more Info on the new ammo specs.

Is this going to be a special units replacement or an entire military wide replacement? Or did I miss that bit in the articles?

Can’t wait until the new ammo hits the civilian market.


This will be quite interesting.

Will it be a failure and fade into the night? Or will it take over the military and become the new .223/5.56?

If it grows, it’ll hit the civilian market eventually. Who knows how eventually.

Thanks for the info so I can be lazy and not watch the entire video. :slight_smile:


Here is something more official on it


Hopefully if they do a short barreled SAW it will be more accurate than the 5.56 version…those thing pattern like a shotgun at 100 yards…


SAW was one of my favorite weapons to use. I love that thing!!!


A M249 running wide open is better than sex, but they are not accurate at all…very almost perfect reliable though…