Arsenal slr 107 r new purchase question


Im new to ak s .just purchased a slr107 r but I didn’t realize i can’t put on an arsenal ak74 style muzzlebrake that they make for the 7.62× 39 rifles. Because the brake comes with a 24 mm rh thread. And my rifle comes with a 14x1 lh.this really bums me out. I like that style brake and do not want to use an aftermarket tapco or cnc warrior which is out of stock i just found out. It looks as if the arsenal slr 107 fr rifle comes with a different front sight block in 24 'mm and accepts the arsenal ak 74 brake. I prob should of just bought that rifle and changed out the stock as I live in nj.right now. And u can’t have folding stocks. Wondering if anyone had any ideas how i can get my rifle to accept the arsenal 74 style brake? Thanks


Just buy a 14x1lh to 24mm adapter and problem solved


Thanks .because I live in jersey im goimg to have to have the brake fixed on barrel .will this still be able to be done


You should be able to have it pinned and welded


Thanks. I was talking to guy who recommended me. Having to buy an arsenal front sight block with the 24 mm that they use on rifles that accept the 74 muzzle brake. But i was thinking that they would have to replace the sight. Blockand the threads on barrel would create a space between it and the new front sight block. Where the threaded section on the block would go over the part of barrel with threading. That didn’t sound like it would be good. Or maybe i would have to buy a new barrel and have it installed with the 24 mms front sight block? If i wanted to keep it more factory like. But for 26$ vs. Who knows how much. It’s prob. A better option


You could change out the fsb to a Bulgarian fsb easily
It wouldn’t affect the threads in the barrel
Changing the barrel is not needed
Make sure you find a competent ak Smith to do this work for you
I’m sure most gunsmiths in nj can do this job for you
Also there are way more options in 14x1lh thread for brakes and flash hiders
The 74 style brake is more of a functional brake on full auto as it was designed for that
It also throws a huge flash signature when firing
Like I said look around at some other breaks and flash hiders before you decided what you going to do




When u say u could easily change out the fsb …would there not be a space between the threads on end of barrel and the part of fsb threaded section that overhangs the threads on barrel? Would that not create a space for corosion or acumulation of dirt or cause a disturbance due to blast coming out of muzzle which could make some kind of sounds or affect the projectile .or just seem like a bit of a hack job.or just not perfect as if u just started with a new barrel. To keep things clean and right.? Or am i over thinking things. ? Or is this type of thing is done on a regular basis? Thanks sorry for so many questions. Just want to make sure its not kind of crappy since i just got the rifle .


Yeah i know u could just get an adapter. But I wanted to keep the rifle factory like .the slr 107 fr


It’s ultimately the users choice
This is the size space you are talking about
Ultimately it’s your choice
Imo you should ditch the 74 brake and go with something in 14x1 it will give your rifle a cleaner line
But it’s your rifle not mine

I Run a jet brake from srvv or a Russian flash hider


Sweet looking rifle. Im going to check out srvv. For some reason i just like the way the 74 style looks. Nj. Doesn’t allow flash suprressors. So right there it knocks a lot of options out. Can i as k u sir…the first pic u sent me showing the space. What is the piece that is over the barrel.? Is that the gas block ?


It’s a Bulgarian fsb that is threaded for 24mm
It’s what arsenal install on most of there rifles


Oh ok thanks now i see it.


This is the look you will have with the adapter isntalledimage

And you will have to time the brake after the adapter is installed


Is that an arsenal ? And will it be screwed down to the front sight after timing?


Actually after it’s timed according to nj law it has to be blind pinned and welded as to be a permanent part of the barrel


Yes and 10 round mags just came into effect from 15 . so its not that great in nj for the 2nd amendment . u can’t even buy a pellet gun without a background that an actual arsenal brake in the pic?


Do you have a arsenal 24 mm brake ?
I have 3 that I’m not using
I’d be willing to part with one


Yeah I allready got one .but thanks.


Which one is that in the pic? Are u a gunsmith or own a shop?