Arsenal slr 107 r new purchase question


I’m a gunsmith I Don’t own a shop
Not sure what kind of brake that one is
I’d have to look at the chamber inside


It doesn’t look like a tapco or a cnc warrior. .i was un contact with cnc and they told me they were sold out and diddnt know when they would be getting.g more.


What kind of ak is in the pic u posted.


If your talking about a adapter there are many places you can find them just search for that part on the web

That’s a psa ak barreled receiver kit with forged bolt and trunion


No i was talking about the brake.anyway. let me look into the psa .as i said im very new to aks


Now I see just how much of a challenge it can be to toe the line in New Jersey. Anyway, this has proved to be a really good lesson in problem-solving, I do not have as much experience with AK, you guys are sure a good resource for answers. Thanks.


I have no problem answering a question as long as I know the answer
Sometimes the simple fix is the best fix


It works for me, thanks


Sorry about the NJ thing. demoncraps sure hate us here.


FYI - wolf 7.62x39 under 200 a case.
UPS hernia in 3-2-1


Giantspeed. I have another question for u…the pic u sent me of the space between the barrel a d front sight block. What rifle is that.and is the space normal / standard or is this a custom or modified piece? Thanks


That’s a standard non threaded barrel
Sgl -31 was the gun in the photo

If you replaced your front sight base it would cover the threads on your current barrel
If your worries about fouling just clean that space
Your muzzle brake will no longer screw into that



Giantspeed …do u have another pic of this gap.from strait on So i can compare it to my gap more easily.thanks


I just pulled that off of the net to show you what it looked like
Yours looks fine


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