As Full30 grows

Please understand that respect is a two way street. Full30 staff deserve respect here and being disrespectful will not be tolerated. Everyone has bad days. I personally would like to see people self regulate and keep this running smoothly. With this said, all staff should also be respectful to members of the site. Over that past 30+ years I’ve helped dozens of sights grow.

If any member of this sight feels the need to talk about an issue, please send me a direct message. I like to believe I’m a fair and balanced person. If at any point I’m anything but that, please tell me. This post is not directed at anyone other than myself.

Now, lets make this site grow. Use the invite feature to invite friends. Post up the URL on pages, groups, etc. We have over 2000 people signed up, lets make that 10k. Five people each is all it takes. I’ve invited 30+ already not counting those that signed up using the sites URL.

Dan, AKA Kia
Full30 channel:


love how you support full30 on the intro of your video


Thanks. Videos exclusive to my full30 channel will be like that. I plan to only link videos from full30.


So is the invite only via email? I might be missing something. I do not have many peoples emails so have been letting others know in person or over messenger. Also will start linking full30 in my puketube and uge tube videos. Wasn’t sure if there were perks to inviting people directly via the email feature on the site or not.


Inviting by Email gets you more badges, that’s about it.