ASK YOUR QUESTIONS NOW for the Shooting Sports Showcase

I will be headed out to Alabama tomorrow for the Shooting Sports Showcase on Monday. Here is a list of companies that I should have an opportunity to speak with. If you guys have any product related questions for these companies, please leave them in a comment. I will make sure to ask them and may even use some if not all questions in a video. A Q&A video from the event might be a neat idea.


Yeah please, ask them all to contact me to run pre-roll ads on FULL30


Thank you so much!


#1 that isn’t product related and #2 that should be something that FULL30 goes there and does bro. i definitely want to talk to them about advertising in a bigger sense, so there is room to bring FULL30 up. you guys need some type of proposal or something you can share out, that approach is much better than just flying blind. Gunstreamer did really well at SHOT 2019, gotta make the events, gotta play the part and gotta have some numbers to really get their attention. all this said, FULL30 should become a corporate POMA (professional outdoor media association) member, then they woudl have driect access to the media and marketing departments of a bunch of advertiseres from hunting, fishing, camping, firearms, conservation and all sorts of stuff. one year, $200, heck if you secure just one ad contract it would be worth it. you know?