Assault weapons ban with a voluntary buy back lmao

Who in their right mind would volunteer to sale their gun for destruction? Are they nuts? No program like that has a shot of working to take guns off the streets. Why don’t they bring religion and morals back to politics. I think that would have a better desired effect on the public


Maybe if it was “name your price” I would play. I have a few I would unload, er, submit for the right price.


I dunno…I’d sell mine to .gov for $1 million each…after I find them in that lake of course. Should get me through retirement :grin:


Considering our firearms could be obsolete or at least rare one day, we should be able to sell everything at collector’s prices, right?

And why is it that the government overpays for everything they do, but screws gun owners on what they’ll pay for a gun?


There are somethings in this world money can’t buy. Like that gun that got handed down through the family. So special that every owner in the family passed down a story with it. They’re like living proof of a legend in the family. How many deer it killed, how many elk, maybe a home intruder.

I heard stories like these over guns in my dads safe. As a kid I would be in awe of the way my dad was so proud over particular guns. There is no amount of money that I would sell guns like that to anyone. I would hope to pass them to my kids one day too.

That said I agree we should get top dollar in a buy back. But some of them I would never sell for a million dollars


I got tickled at Royal Nonesuch building the crap guns and selling them.


Haha I love it!