Asymmetrical Warfare and 4GW: A Fascinating Read About Us vs. Them

Unlike Europe, the United States has a homegrown militia movement that is heavily armed and, to varying degrees, ready for battle. When the AR-15 is talked about as a “weapon of war on our streets,” it is frequently mentioned in the same breath how an insurrection in the United States would never stand a chance against the modern weapons of war wielded by the federal government. This would be news to the Viet Cong. People who make such statements are unaware of the dynamics of 4GW.

Our own Sam Jacobs’ latest article is all about how daft the authoritarian insistance that free Americans could never stand up to an tyrannical regime really is. A couple rednecks with walkie talkies and a set of bolt cutters could do more harm to the government than the government could ever retailiate with. I hope you’ll give it a read – it’s heartening stuff if you’ve been dulled into believing all hope is lost.


Interesting stuff.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the scotus!!!


It would not be hard for several of those same rednecks to create havoc on communications and electrical grid…


It’d be superbly easy. There are only three electrical grids in the whole country: Eastern, Western, and of course Texas.




Very interesting and timely reading, no it would not take to many rednecks to raise hell look what the mamas boys from antifa have pulled off