ATF may be at it again...

Heads up to all 2A supporters and freedom lovers! This looks very much like the ATF and the lapdog media are trying to once again establish a false narrative blaming U.S. FFL’s for arming the Mexican drug cartels. The MSM also just started floating stories about cartel violence on U.S. soil, so there may be something 9/11’ish in the works. Eyes up. The truth, of course, is that most of the weapons the cartels possess originated from places like China and Iran, but that wouldn’t serve the Biden-puppet’s agenda.


Here in AZ we deal with possible cartel. The are always asking for the FN Scars (which they don’t know what caliber they want) FN M249S and Barrett M107A1. Just get as much info and then pass it along to State LEO.

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