Attempted theft

So I had to fly back to So.Cal. This weekend. Flew Delta out of Spokane. I was there several hours early and checked my bag and declared my firearm at the check in counter.
I’m always a bit uneasy about it when they throw my bag on the belt.
Had an all to brief layover in Salt Lake.
When I get to my destination and get my bag home I notice it’s been opened.
I open the bag and find that my GunVault safe has had the rubber keypad ripped off exposing the electronic portion and a small access hole. (I’ve seen vids of how to open these safes)
Anyway I enter my code and I hear the mechanism activate but the door doesn’t open. After several attempts (and slapping it around) it opened.
Everything was there. This time.
It pisses me off that baggage with firearms get special tags and is treated differently. It’s like a “Steal me” tag to the baggage handlers.
Wrote a nasty gram to Delta and TSA but doubt much will happen. Actually got a kick back email from Delta that that address is no longer monitored.

Anybody ever had a gun stolen at an airport?



I’m sorry to read about your safe!

Is it maybe not theft? Couldn’t the keypad just have been knocked off by other suitcases?

EDIT: I’m sorry for second-guessing you. I didn’t notice that it was inside of your bag.


I’ve flown with this safe a bunch of times. I think I’ve just been lucky.
But you have to expect that the bozo that did this to my bag has or will do it to others. And likely succeed occasionally.


That sucks. I’ve known people who have flown with long guns that have more tamper resistant lock, but no one else that has had a pistol.
I would file a damage claim for the price of a new gun vault.


FAA says the sticker goes inside w/the gun NOT on the outside of the bag.


There is a form that goes inside. But the claim check tag is also coded for special handling. Insiders at the airport know that. That’s also why I have to pick up the bag at security and not on the standard baggage claim carousel.

Back 20+ years ago it was a big red FIREARM sticker on the outside of the bag. Better system nowadays but still flagged for those who know.

I think they should just be treated as standard baggage.


Not as good as could be


As far as I know ANY markings that differentiate from normal or could indicate there is a firearm inside are against TSA regs. The last time I flew with a handgun it was in a gun rug inside hard luggage(the luggage becomes the case) with non-TSA Abloy locks. One of Ridge’s retards tried to tell me that I couldn’t use non-TSA locks on the hard luggage, only on the gun rug. It took 3 supervisors and me showing them the regulations I had in hand before it got cleared up.

Look up ‘Deviant Ollam flying guns’ on YT. He’s got a few videos where he goes through the ins and outs of the regulations plus how to use them to your advantage. He’s also got a video where they put a giant zip-tie around his luggage, despite being illegal, and he cut it off right in front of them.

These days, I just don’t fly.


I would cc that email to ATF too.


Hope to never fly again.


Oh, I’d fly again. Just can’t afford private yet…




Bat day, no pocket knives allowed, hadn’t heard of that one, does sound brilliant


Well I didn’t think of that. Yeah I’d do that.


Actually, it is against Fed law for them to mark the outside of the bag that it contains a firearm. If this ever happens to you again ask for the TSA supervisor and raise hell he should know the law. I have a copy of it somewhere in the "puter but can’t find it right now, but you can goggle it, print it out, and carry a copy if you have to fly again.


Well it’s not like old days when they slapped a big orange “firearm” sticker on it. But the baggage claim tag is coded somehow and the handlers know it.
As it turns out I’m done flying anyway.

  1. I don’t trust the airlines cuz of shit like this.

  2. Done with mask wearing.

  3. Conservative… so they probably won’t allow us to fly soon anyway.


With ya bud, I quit flying years ago, when the TSA started all their crap. My rule is if I can’t take my gun with me I don’t go there, I don’t leave my personal safety up to anyone Ithat has not earned my trust and the list of those people is very short since I left the service.