Attention Elmer Fudd - Bumpfire video



He’s right, I’ve been saying it from the start. The function of the weapon is unchanged. They will go after the semi-auto next.


And those pesky sniper rifles


Anything that goes bang. I’m going to have to take an electronics class to start building a portable rail gun.


Didn’t take long for my first butt hurt Fudd to show up.


Seriously, how can we have such a red blooded streak of an American shooting his firearms and using his voice

edit, I see now




So this guy retweets you and then says to unfollow him,:face_with_raised_eyebrow:



He accused me of having an IQ of 100. Poor little butt hurt Fudd. Totally missed the point of the video.


Hell, this guy gives you more credit that the rest of us :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey now, I’m right about average, I was tested.


It’s like they think anti-gunners never thought of this strategy until it was tweeted.

This was their goal from the very start.


This clown actually said that in a tweet.



I’m pissed we are not taking a firmer stand against the NFA, the root of the problem for the 2A. As you can imagine I don’t think the government has written a fair regulation or a lawful regulation when it comes to plastic trinkets. I do think we should collectively shut our mouths about other methods of bumping. We have lots of work to do for the 2A, no since picking anymore fights, the others will do plenty of that.


I have to imagine you missed the point as well, or I’ve misread it,

in any account acquiescence won’t be of any help IMO


I was silent on the FL bumpstock ban

now I can’t order the binary triggers

And who cares?


Cire has a big pile of stinking crap for a brain…


We are only weeks away from the loony left taking over the house. They are already targeting a new “Assault Weapons” Ban and forced buy back.
“Assault weapon” to these guys now means semi-auto. Which definition also includes pistols.
Make no mistake… they want them all.

This is about so much more than bump stocks or giving them ideas to draw parallels to semi autos. They already know that.

Here’s a good article about Rep. Swalwell’s ideas. Click the links in the article to read his OpEd in USA Today. Read the twitter comments linked in there.


Thank goodness we had two years of a Republican Controlled Federal Government and President fighting hard to restore our 2nd Amendment rights!


oh wait…


I can’t wait till the Party starts…


Our fantastic two party system at work!!

Ugh, sickening isn’t it?


Wait! We have a two party system?!
Republicrats and who else?
(Insert sarcasm here)