Attention Ladies!

If you’re just finding us, welcome! You’ll find this group of people very helpful and informative.

There are many sub forums here that might interest you. If you’re really new and shy about asking questions and don’t want any males answering you, there is a “For Women by Women” sub forum, which I will be participating in. However I have found no intimidation or macho attitudes in any of the other sub forums. Maybe some crude male humor, but still harmless, in my opinion.

These men are respectful and helpful and have more information than you can get in just the Women’s forum. Don’t be afraid to venture out and ask anything in any of the sub forums! ‘There are no stupid or silly questions’ as I was informed by one of the guys here. :grinning:. We are all after the same thing, protecting ourselves and our families, fighting for our 2A rights, and having some fun, too. So whether you’re new to guns, or an expert, you can still learn something here.

Again welcome, I hope you enjoy it!


Yes, we are a very warm and welcoming family here at Full 30! Lots of knowledge, information, and experience inside these walls from all walks of life. You will find help, suggestions & answers for all skill sets, from new to well seasoned individuals, there’s much to offer & learn & we look forward to your input & contributions,. Check out ALL OUR SECTIONS, we’re here for EVERYONE! You are correct @EQuinn, we are a little silly at times but live to help all, man, woman or critters!:slight_smile::smirk_cat: we’re all in this fight together! Never such thing as a dumb question, there isn’t a one if us who knows everything. We never stop learning something new.


Yes! These guys are so friendly they aggressively opposed a “For women by women” forum, harassed the founder in private messages, and posted a picture of her picture in a urinal.
If you have any kind of opinion that differs from theirs you have been duly warned.

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If you have any kind of opinion that differs from theirs you have been duly warned.

Are different opinions no longer listened to here? I know my door is always open.


That seems harsh. I was greeted when I joined by both men and women. Festus first told me about the woman’s section and Equinn showed me where it was when I couldn’t find it.
I’ve read through the Concerned about first steps thread and was surprised to see so much anger to Equinn who helped guide me to the forum and I have had good interactions with her. I see she started this thread and suggests the women’s forum to new woman. So I must have missed something.


You did miss a lot…to include the private message harassment and the posting with the picture in the urinal.
I am glad you had a pleasant entry.

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? I have not done any of these things, and the last time I checked I am a male.