Attention Producers 200.00 awaits

Alright, @Producer 's time short, entry’s are limited,

If you’d like to do a review on an Olight tactical light and can do it immediately there is a 200.00 bonus being offered by Olight

Please PM me, I’ll select four this time, last time we had two and Matt from @BuffmanRange was extremely well received by Olight

As you see he placed one on YT and you may place them anywhere but I do want Full30 mentioned, Logo can be used, and I also want the forum promoted as the source for the product review lead to build this into a regular occurance with more money on the table for everyone

The rules are simple

  • Four contestants

  • No payout unless at least one contestant reaches 1000.00 in sales and then only the highest sale amount is paid via paypal

  • No leaks, video or print before the 23rd, the sale is the 29th, postponement is possible and did occur last time

Matts video above was put together just as quick and his total sales where tracked via a link I provided (and will again) that is exclusive to each producer

Olight will rush you the samples

Remember, this is a review, perhaps you feel there are better products, maybe its time for you to test one for yourself?

As a review some form of product testing and demonstration is desired, an unboxing video won’t cut it


I’m very much interested. The Hungry Handgunner is my channel name on Full30 and YouTube. My following is much larger on YouTube but I’m working on growing my Full30 presence too.


As a hungry hand gunner I want to help you but it is imperative to carefully read the requirements

one is to PM me



Four samples are on their way, I look forward to hearing what the winner does with their $200.00!


We have four contestants

1st has posted

And more exciting products are in the works right now so make yourself known if you want to be considered for reviews!


Second one


Third video


Would help to post mine: