ATTN Veterans! $40 off a yearly Amazon Prime membership

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$79/year paid up front instead of $119 for the year. Nonrefundable. For new memberships or extensions. Through VA involvement. I just did it and it’s for real.


Thanks for this @BrianK

Mine was set to renew at the end of November at the $119 rate -saved me $40 bucks. :+1:


Glad I could help.

I prefer to do business locally, but IF a local business has what I want it’s generally one item that’s available, take it or leave it. Amazon gives me choices and most times Prime delivery is fast. I almost never must have something right this instant. Heck, I’m at least a 12 mile one way drive to buy anything anyway, sometimes much further. Those 24 mile round trips add up in time, gas, and maintenance. I’ve always renewed Prime monthly, but yearly is far less expensive and this makes it more so to get things delivered to my home.