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My writing (liberty, self-defense, politics, inspiration) updated a few times a week-
the Slowfacts blog

Here are the self-defense stories you don’t see in the mainstream media. Were these gun owners lucky or were they well trained? 15-20 minutes each week.
The Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast

A podcast about politics and guns…with a couple of defensive gun use stories thrown in too.
The Polite Society Podcast 90 minutes a week.

I’m a guest on Bill Frady’s Lock-N-Load radio show each Monday at 5 central time.
Lock-N-Load radio


Wow, great to have you here. If you ever need a guest, feel free to contact me. I ran a podcast for a while but some health issues made me stop for a bit. I was on WTF nation a while ago, had a blast. @brianpurkiss and I are working on setting up a podcast for full30 forums, but it’s slow going.


The green headphones just make your eyes glisten haha


Welcome from Iowa, via Missouri!






welcome to full30!


Welcome to the Forum! Glad you joined us here.