Auto ejecting winchester pump

I recently bought a winchester 1200 in 20 gauge from a dealer. I could tell it was in pretty rough shape just by looking at it. I replace the barrel due to a bulge and used acra-glas to fix the crack in the stock. Still far from pretty but it works.

Today at the range was the first time I fired it. I went through half a box of Federal 20 gauge “Top Shot” target ammo. After each shot the bolt would go rearward on its own without me cycling the pump. Looking up the issue online, some folks said it was some sort of speed pump feature, others said it wasn’t safe. Can anyone clarify this for me or come across this?


I have had this happen in a Remington 870 with magnum loads. I don’t know if it was the gun so much as the recoil making me pull the slide back a little.


that is a design feature of Winchester 1200’s. Once you get used to it, it allows you to cycle the shotgun faster than other pump shotguns. This is how/why Winchester can and does tout their pump shotguns as the fastest in the world.

I have had Winchester 1200 pump shotguns for many years (different ones). They all work that way.

So, once you are done shooting (actively…), you simply push the action back towards the muzzle and you and the shotgun will be fine.


Does that shotgun have a part that locks the action until it’s depressed on purpose?
To check, see if the action opens when the empty gun is run.
Close the action, pull the trigger (empty gun remember) and see if the slide can be pulled back.
Mossbergs do and when the front part of it gets worn, (their part is called the action locking lever) it will act as described.
I’ve never fixed mine as it greatly speeds up rapid firing it for those steel matches.

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Thank you guys for the info. Hearing that it’s not necessarily a malfunction that is unsafe makes me feel better. Now to get it out to the field for dove, rabbit and squirrel season and possibly the skeet range.


On a different topic, with your 1200 have you had any issues with the pin holding the trigger mechanism fall out? I noticed mine is a little loose and was wondering if a bolt, nut and washers would be a better fix?

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No, no problems with parts coming loose or falling out.

I basically don’t shoot more than 50 shots of 12 gauge per use, and that high a round count is only when I go sporting clay shooting. Yes, I shoot all my shotguns thru sporting clay shooting. Best test I can think of for them, and helps me compare them fairly.

So, if you are shooting your 1200 a lot more than that, you might be stressing the shotgun (far) more than me and as such, getting a different result.