Avatar Challenge Winner SAK67!


We need a community channel avatar,

How about submissions from the community?

This is what we have now…

Edit: No copy written images, no Google image grabs.

But, maybe we can do better?


image image


Happy Labor Day Weekend to ya!



@SAK67’s gets my vote.


Well, its it for now!


Feel free to use any of these if you want.


Heres my vote lol


I’ll admit it, I kind of like that one.


Love this one but, better make sure it’s not copyrighted ?..@SAK67


Don’t use anything copyrighted. Also don’t grab something from google images, that can come back and bite Full30. Every image I post is mine, I took the picture, I own it, and I give permission for it to be used. Last thing we need is Full30 getting a letter from a lawyer.


Well, then how about a new nomination?



I added a line to the post about copy written images.


As much as I like it, I’m not sure it sends a professional message. I’m looking at it in a business sense, and it looks petty. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. For a while I had this on my backup youpuke page for the banner. Now, with all that said, if we choose to go with poke YT in the eye, you are free to use it. My studio wall, my picture, my work, no copy write.


This portion is tempting


I have a picture of that, let me find it.


Another vote for SAK67.


I’ll do this, we’ll let it stand until I hear back or another is voted in its place.

Good job @ARNWRKR :+1:



Yeah, those are awesome drawings, look, he’s getting advertising in return for the discussion :laughing:


I vote for @SAK67 pic! Just use it & give him credit for the submission. (That way when the lawsuit is filed, only his ass goes to jail) :grin::joy::rofl::smiley::smile::sweat_smile::wink:


Lone Wolf first they got to catch me!!!