AXIL Hearing Pro Quick Review

Here is a quick look at the AXIL XP Reactors ear plugs. Do you use a different set of ear pro for handguns than you do for long guns?


depending on my mood
peltor TEP 100 active plugs or either my sordin pro or comtaclll
wife now is 100% peltor EEP 100s.


Good informative video.
I typically use muffs when shooting handgun and plugs when shooting rifle.
Muffs tend to interfere with my cheek weld on the rifle, and the rifle tends to displace the muffs.
I have a few pairs of the reusable silicone plugs I’ve used for years, but I would definitely consider picking up a pair of these for hunting if I can come up with an extra $20 somewhere…(don’t laugh, I’m perpetually that strapped.)


i totally get it, this would work pretty well for hunting i suppose, definitely can hear for normally than with a solid style plug BUT for hunting i like to use electronic plugs, more money of course but the added edge of being able to amplify sounds is helpful