Ay experience with Vortex Viper HS-T

So was trying to find a Diamondback Tactical for my .300 WBY but could not find one and ran across a fair deal on a Viper HS=T 6X24. So just wondering if any have used this scope and what you all think about it.
Please keep the comments to actual experience or direct knowledge. This is NOT an opinion poll.
Thanks in advance.


Midway’s add shows the diamondback 4x16 hp for $199.00


Didn’t want the HP wanted the Tactical 6X24.
Since I’m not hearing all kinds of evil against the Viper HST 6X24, and the scope seems to be well recognized as a solid long range tool I guess I’ll go with it.


Got one on my wife’s Savage 110 Trophy Hunter 6.5x284. I like it. Only shot it once cuz the rifle has custom left hand stock. I remember liking the scope though.


Appreciate it MAC. I got the Viper HST 6X24 and a Caldwell XLA 9-13" pivoting bipod and an adjustable cheek cushion coming tomorrow. Am setting up for 1000plus yard shooting.

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