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Decided to get a gen 5 Glock 19…again, its been awhile since ive owned a Glock but I always seem to end up coming back.


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Decided to get a gen 5 Glock 19…again, its been awhile since ive owned a Glock but it I always seem to end up coming back.

I believe this will be my next gun but stuck between the 19 and 19x…I have the 17 gen 5 but it’s just too big to carry in Florida!


Mine is currently 2k rounds in and has never had a failure to fire ONCE. I took it out of the box and did the 500 round break in with zero failures. Great weapon.


@Sarge4206th can’t go wrong with Glock!!


I have both the 19 and the 19X TBH I would not use the 19X for CCW. The balance on the weapon in my humble opinion is odd on the draw from a hip. I like it from my chest holster however so I use it as my duty weapon.


I’m picking up my new 17G5
Friday. I never thought i would bow at the altar of Glock, yet here I am. The 17G5 fits my hand perfectly…


Thanks for the input!!


Is accuracy and maintenance similar to the prior generations or is anything substantially different?


Ive been running the Glock 19 series since Generation 3.
Performance wise they are VERY Similar.
With a few exceptions.
1.) The newer Glocks have a less resilient finish.
2.) The Generation 5 is a lot more comfortable to fire for a long period of time than the Gen 3 or 4. (I think this has to do with the finger slots in the gen 4 frame. I have big hands.)
3.) There is an appreciable difference in magazine changes with the new flared mag well.
4.) The new Barrel on the Generation 5 is a bit more accurate on longer range shots.
Other than those items the manual of arms is basically the same.


I love the Gen 5 pistols and Glock is getting extended slide release leavers out to use dealers. I have a 19x in stock and have sold quite a few gen 5s… i have a ton of Gen 4s myself personally but want a Gen 5 G19


Then you should go with the 19. If you aren’t worried about cc and have big hands 19x is great.


@TickledDog thanks for the advice…cheers!


Congrats @jf89

I just wish the grip was better for me on these Glocks. :frowning:


Ive got to the point where I just want something that works. Im done buying the “latest and greatest” and wasting money. I will probably get a second one, assuming it runs fine then stock up on spare parts.


Try the feel of the S&W M&P 2.0. Adjustable, abrasive grip might be what you are looking for & around the same price.


Wife and I have, like everything but the grip. It’s a fine pistol nonetheless! Points well and shoots pretty accurately.


Did you try it with the different grips? What is it you didnt like?


Good choice jf89, are you going to keep it stock :thinking:


@Mister_Torgue, @LonewolfMcQuade I heard the grips are uncomfortable also. I have the Mp 1.0 love the trigger on it, the grips are excellent too, but I haven’t shot the 2.0, yet so I cannot compare!!


Texture and how it felt holding it. Wife prefers the PPQ (as do I) and I really like my Canik. Both just feel right and we seem to be more accurate with them.