Back up iron sight options


Quick question for all of you guys and gals. What do you prefer to use as far as a buis system? I have used Matech, Troy, and diamond head. What do you recommend and most importantly why?


I would be hesitant to recommend Matech. A big problem in Afghanistan is that that the screw holding across the weapons’s rail would shear off, losing the bracket, and leaving you with a hunk of junk. This happened to me and I still have mine. I currently have a YHM, and it’s served me well, but it hasn’t seen a tenth of the use that the Matech did.


No images came through. Thank you for your input. I have heard things like that in the past with matech, yet I have never experienced that failure. When I installed mine I went to 20 inLb and used locktite. I wonder if an over torque of the fastener was the root cause of the failure in your case. I have beat on mine pretty hard and the only thing I hate is when you Ron high rounds the cross pin can migrate to the right and cause the sight to pop up after a shot. I will look into YHM. Have you any experience with knights armorment?


You’re welcome and no. No experience with Knights Armament unfortunately.


Magpul pros or Troy. They take a beatig and stay zeroed. I purposely abused mine by dropping them off my buddies shop then throwing my my cheapie rifle at a tree with the buis up, no issue. I run a fixed front sight now but mainly because I like shooting irons now of days.