Back up parts for your on the go rifle!


Hay everyone!
So everyone knows that the AR-15 is a respectable firearm and with that said I have seen and I have experience a failure or two. With that in mind I wanted to see what you guys think of carrying backup parts. For example I have a extra complete bolt and firing pin stowed in the grip!

This grip is a BCM mod3. The retention on the trap door is really tight and has a rubber liner. There is a small piece of foam to stop them from rattling. Both the pin and bolt have been treated with frog lube.
Magpul also has an interesting offering with a base plate for the bolt and firing pin. They work ok in my opinion.


I like these little Plano boxes, carry it in the range bag.


I carry a full BCG in my range bag, but you could always have an spare in a bug-out bag or wherever you like, they’re small enough.


Spare parts? Nope . It’s not an AR- it’s an AK. :sunglasses:


Awesome idea. Those are cheap, easy, and keep everything organized.


Great idea. It is far more easy to throw in a whole new carrier than just a bolt.


Sad but true. After thousands and thousands of rounds of 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 I can honestly say that I have to this day not had a failure with a AK platform, but I have seen it happen. The guy never cleaned it…EVER. When t took it apart for him I found a rock! Yes a small rock jammed behind the extractor along with massive amounts of carbon build up. That was 7 years ago. The guy still runs it, and I’m pretty sure he still hasn’t cleaned it since.


Murphy sez the part you need will seldom be the ones you have on hand.


Parts in a trap door hand grip?
And why I prefer the original stocks with the trap door and cleaning kit


True, you can only prepare for so much before you start to tax yourself.


Nice A1 Brother! I love those!


Only back up part I see a need to have on hand for the AK is a firing pin and possibly hammer spring. One think I can say for my AK is that it has never needed a part replaced because of failure and it’s a older Russian made one (prior to the ban crap) that has seen thousands of rounds.

As much as I love my AR’s and AR based rifles I own, they have had failures that required replacement parts already.