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Feature | The ammunition was packed into a black pistol | Modern Revolvers | Top Wheel Guns Today
Any pick from this list of the best modern revolvers will make your gun stash all the more badass, so check them all out now!

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Revolvers Are Still Badass!
Kimber K6S Revolver
Colt Cobra .38 Special
Ruger Redhawk 357
Smith & Wesson Model 686
Korth Sky Hawk 9mm
Best Modern Revolvers in the Market
Revolvers Are Still Badass!
Despite the craze over semi-automatic handguns, modern revolvers still assert their presence. That’s because the classic wheel-gun is an iconic weapon with a solid place in the world of firearms.

More tactically-inclined gun enthusiasts might say revolver handguns are becoming obsolete. Their understanding of firearms is from modern military experience and shooting competitions, though.

While this is hard to argue from some angles, it’s also difficult to deny the pros. There is simplicity, reliability, and familiarity with modern revolvers. In fact, these revolver handguns are still being manufactured and have shown no signs of disappearing from the gun world anytime soon.

So let’s take look at some of the top revolvers in the market today!

  1. Kimber K6S Revolver

Kimber is known to make virtually striking firearms and the K6S is one great addition to their list. It is the world’s lightest magnum .357 revolver that features excellent ergonomics, match-grade trigger, and stainless steel frame and cylinder.

It also comes with an internal hammer that makes it ideal for concealed carry. The Kimber K6S is a combination of quality and power that every gun enthusiast will adore.

Ideal for concealed carry since it has a shorter 2.5-inch barrel
Made out of satin-finished steel, which makes it durable and can even resist corrosion
Concealed Carry Definition: This is the practice of carrying a weapon in public in a concealed or hidden way.

  1. Colt Cobra .38 Special

Colt has been a reputable brand for a very long time in the history of revolvers. Which means whenever they make a new gun, you should pay attention, including the Colt revolvers.

Take the Colt Cobra .38 Special, for example, which is a 6-shot revolver with fiber optic front sights. This new Cobra revolver is also all stainless steel and has better ergonomics than the old one, too.

A 6-shot revolver with fiber optic sights created by one of the world’s most reputable gun makers
Made out of stainless steel and has better ergonomics than the previous model
Watch this video from Gun Stock Reviews and find out about the new and improved Colt Cobra:

  1. Ruger Redhawk 357

The Redhawk from Ruger revolvers, originally released in 1980, was chambered in .44 mag. This new 357 release has adjustable rear sights for windage and elevation.

It also features a round butt grip frame with hardwood grips and an all stainless steel cylinder and barrel.

Has adjustable rear sights for windage and elevation
Has a stainless steel cylinder and barrel and features a round butt grip frame with hardwood grips
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  1. Smith & Wesson Model 686

The S&W Model 686 is a sturdy L frame handgun with a cylinder capacity of 6-7 rounds. It weighs about 45 ounces and is one of the best revolver handguns in the market, too.

In fact, most hunters and police officers would agree on how tough this gun is. In addition, it can withstand heavy and continuous Magnum usage, as well.

One of the best concealed carry handguns in the market, it weighs only 15 ounces has a small J frame with a cylinder capacity of 5 rounds
Has a unique hidden hammer, which allows users to shoot it from their pocket
5. Korth Sky Hawk 9mm

The Sky Hawk is a quality German-made handgun that adds to their list of high-end revolvers. It doesn’t require the use of moon clips to load and extract the 9mm ammo.

The Korth revolver’s design minimizes the distance needed for a 9mm bullet to travel through an unrifled cylinder, thus increasing its accuracy in the process.

Doesn’t require the use of moon clips to load and extract 9mm ammo
Increased accuracy from being designed specifically to minimize distance needed by 9mm bullet to travel through an unrifled cylinder

Download, save or share this infographic for reference:
Infographic | Modern Revolvers | Top Wheel Guns Today
These handguns are great news for modern revolvers fans out there because the making of wheel guns has never been so precise—thanks to today’s technology. Semi-autos, undoubtedly, have faster loading mechanisms, but you can’t discredit the attributes that make the revolver continue to excel until this day .So the day they’ll stop making these guns is still in the far distant future and it would be cool to have one of these modern revolvers in your stash should that scenario ever occur at all.


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