Balance in a Collection

I hope that this recent article I wrote will be of interest to collectors–or at least to collectors who also consider their collection of guns something practical: The Well-Balanced Gun Collection. Thanks, - Jim Rawles


"# The Well-Balanced Gun Collection

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A topic that comes up in more than half of my consulting calls, is firearms. Most survivalists gravitate toward guns for obvious reasons. If anything, SurvivalBlog could surely be labelled a “guns and groceries” oriented blog, and most of our readers are like-minded. We tend to have large gun collections. We aren’t entirely gun-centric, but our concept of preparedness includes owning guns and having full proficiency in their use."

a must read


My balanced collection is directly connected to my sad bank balance: :tired_face:


Good stuff :+1:

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Shotgun adapters are also worth considering. I have a 20 and 410 adapter for my 12 gauge, but you can also buy pistol caliber adapters too. They are a cheap and easy way to have multiple ammo options with one gun.


Do you keep multiples of any of your weapons?


  1. Find a firearm that you like and works extremely reliably.
  2. Buy 2 more of the same make and model.

:+1: So 3 with a bunch of spare parts is a good number for your “main” firearms? I see alot of people with 12+ ARs or Glocks ,which is cool but is probably beyond what is really needed for a preppers home armory but then you also see some people with just one which could leave you f****d if something breaks.
I think alot of the prepper community has issues finding that “sweet spot” between a practical home armory and an extensive collection.