Baltimore Schools to Police: You Can’t Carry Guns Here



Well now we can’t have any guns getting in the way of our marauding and malaise, can we? I mean unless we are the ones that have them.


Ridiculous. Don’t let the people who are there to protect our kids actually protect them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bad guys don’t obey Gun-free zones…


guess which city will have the next bad thing happening…


Any one where a far left loon rules it?


~heavy, shaking my head, sigh~



Baltimurder. LMAO at black demoncrap incompetence malfeasance, misfeasance, ignorance and arrogance Run to ruin like most other dnc warehouse districts maintained for votes from gimmiedats and deadbeats. Ran us our of our hometown cities with crime violence and murder, Then completely destroyed them.

Check out the NFL [national felon league] hand off of the baby at 0.16 to get in the brawl Don’t skip the comment section LOL



Holy shit dude, that’s awesome! I gotta share that picture around.




Dang! I thought schools were there to increase intellect, but Baltimore schools persist with smart-free zones.:thinking: