Ban psychotropics not guns!

Its hysteria, a person feels sad, seeks out a health professional and then are prescribed a chemical lobotomy to feel better.

Perhaps then they play a few hundred hours of video games, add in some recreational drug use and after the storm all we hear is that guns are to blame?



Tis true, welcome to modern day America where progress is a actually 10 steps backwards.


You are pretty accurate in that summation. We as a society have been slowly programmed to accept that, if you’re sad, anxious, angry, or whatever emotion you’re feeling that day, you need therapy and pills. It is way beyond time to put the meds back on the shelf and be adults. Learn to deal with and work around hardship. No one was promised a fair or easy life. It’s rough and tough in the real world. There’s a reason only the strong survive… it’s a natural process.


I can’t agree more and just a few seem to be discussing this.


Blame the medical profession and pharmaceutical company’s kick backs to them as for why we are over medicated and under treated.



Olly is off to a great start!

might just get me one of those NRA memberships

I’m going to be cautious before I give them my money. They need to prove their worth. I have faith in Mr. North but actions speak louder than words. But only time will tell.


You’re dead on with this. I know from personal experience. My grandson was diagnosed as bi-polar at 10. I didn’t buy it. He was just wild and had no father figure in his life. They put him on meds that don’t cure anything but turned him into a zombie. Then puberty hit. The new flush of hormones combined with the meds and he became violent and beat on his mother and sister. Spent some time in juvenile psych where they he got thrown out (sent home) cuz he got violent with a therapist. He was 14 at the time.
Finally convinced my daughter to stop the meds. Took less than 4 months and he was doing well. He’s 18 now and graduates high school in two weeks. Turning into a good young man.


So what your saying is drugs are bad.

Then that would mean work is good.

Get people off drugs and on work, if only we could sum that up like be best.

Big thumbs up for the path your grandson is on now!!! :+1: