Bandoleer Inserts

I have a pile of 7 pocket Vietnam era 7 pocket bandoleers NOS(not for sale).
I found out the the paper inserts are no longer around, only the new 4 pocket versions (which are not as good).

I just ordered the paper stock to make some. I got too much paper and will have extras.
I was wondering if there is any interest in these 2 stripper inserts?

You can get the bandoleers all over the place. I got mine form Numrich.
The inserts are NLA


I didn’t know they made them with seven pockets. I have a bunch of the four pocket ones that I use for mag pouches pull the white thread out of them and each pocket will hold two 30rd GI mags.


Cogburn Arsenal sells the cardboard inserts. Check 'em out:


They used the 7 pack until 92 or so. I was out by then, and we still had them.
The 4 pockets are way more bulky and sliding 2 out instead of three is easier.
I have 2 7 pockets full of 20rd mags. Loaded they dont stress the material like the 4 pockets tend to do.

We were only allowed 7 mags, so we carried 1-2 bandoleers full to reload our mags. We used to practice doing it while running thru the jungle, and not looking bac to see.

Right after I posted this I saw some on Egay for $25.