Battle of Athens: The Forgotten History of the Tennessee Rebellion Against Local Government

The arrival of August marked the 74th anniversary of the Battle of Athens. This great homegrown uprising – made possible by WWII veterans – demonstrates three key things:

  1. Guns are absolutely requisite to resist tyranny
  2. Mercenaries will never be a match for true patriots – not during the Battle of Thermopylae, not during the Battle of Athens, not ever
  3. You must never get between a Southern boy and his drink

I remember reading about that and found it to be a fascinating tidbit of history and a successful exercise of our 2nd Amendment protecting our right to vote. But I wonder what the outcome would be if that same scenario played out today? Unless, it’s a small enough town, most local law enforcement today has SWAT training and body armor, armored vehicles, etc. My little town of less than 40,000 has at least one really cool, black painted MRAP, and who knows what else:

Don’t get me wrong. I support and respect law enforcement and think they need the proper tools, weapons and equipment to fight some really bad criminal groups out there. But with that capability, a scenario like Tennessee’s Battle of Athens may very well play out much differently today.


Good stuff, think we had another thread on it awhile back.


There’s kind of a split narrative in the media. On one the one hand “cops are evil,” yet on the other anyone who falls short of a Leninist ideal would necessarily be evil themselves for opposing them.


Thank you! Honestly, I just love Tennessee. I do a lot of freelance work on the side, and Tennesseans have been bar none my favorite folks to deal with.