BCM or Daniel Defense - Which one to get and why?


Thank you sir. Gonna sell a DI or 2 then pick up a PWS. I was hoping you would say Sig. Shore Galleries here in Chicago gives a nice LE discount on Sig. Do you know of a dealer who has them at a good price? I have accounts with DSG, Rainer, Midway, and a few others. Most makes are cheaper from a retailer than direct from dealer even with a discount.


Don’t bother with SIG, their rifles are junk and their pistols nowadays are of questionable quality at best. SIG Sauer is a far cry from what it once was.


The MCX was selected by SF but Sig probably gives a shit about the qc on guns for military contracts unlike the crap they give us civies.


Upgrade the S&W with a higher end barrel, free float handguard and your done…it will do anything a lot more expensive rifle will…


To the original question, which has defiantely gotten off topic, BCM vs DD.

It does come down to what matters more to you:
DD manufacturee their own cold hammer forged bbls in house. Something very rare in America. They have also expanded production in furniture, rails. So that they can control quality on just about every aspect. This is to be admired. They have spec ops military contract in their history, so reliabilty is increadible with certain models.

BCM extreme quality, though they do get bbls from other sources. It is rumored FN bbls are used, and this is prob true from time to time, but their are always times when a manufacturer has to use other sources for one reason or another. They helped develop key-mod, so many of their products are geared toward key-mod. They may have pushed the boundaries too much with some of the rails they produced trying to make them exremely light.

Furniture is personal, i actually love how dd stuff works, but find bcm a little more useable.

Bcg/bolts have been stellar in both platforms. Bcm is playing with some new coatings.

Uppers and lowers are uppers and lowers, but i think dd flares the magwell a little more, its a minute point that may not be accurate.
DD- can we have out aluminum dust covers back?

So much of it does ckme down to personal preference, you really cant go wrong. Find the best deal you canx or the rifle you pick up and just cant put down. If it speaks to you, get it… as from my name may imply i am a KAC guy. Their rifles speak to me… and as far as the DI vs Piston thing… get a SCAR.


KAC makes SICK rifles. They’re one of those brands that are right up there. One basically cannot go wrong with any quality AR, piston or DI. PWS guy here but I wouldn’t mind having any high end AR -piston or DI- as my GTW rifle. They are all good and you can trust your life with them. The trick is to stay away from the junk brands and other mediocre stuff. Remember: get the best quality stuff out there and you’ll get a quality result! You really get what you pay for. I consider guns tools, they need to function. Just like a car needs to function (Audi! every day of the week and twice on Sundays). Why buy junk??..


KAC does alot of stupid little things like using loctite instead of staking the castle nut. I personally would pass on their rifles and go for LWRC or PWS at that price range.


I just read that the owner of Daniel Defense supports ‘fix nics’…what a douche.


yeah he recanted his statement a day or so after he said that. the story is one of the NRA guys got to him and said it was a great idea, and Marty Daniels agreed with it. the bottom line is every one of my dollars is a vote, and my dollars have been and are going to BCM in the future.


BCM makes good chit, I didnt like my recce due to accuracy but that was years ago. Ive got Colt, FN and Sons of Liberty Gunworks DI rifles now and couldnt be happier.


You can’t go wrong with what you have now. Colt is a tad bit underrated as many folks don’t realize that Colt actually has one of the highest qc standards on the market. They simply cannot afford to put out junk as they’re a major govt contractor and would get their head bitten of if they don’t deliver. Sure, there are better brands out there but Colt is in no way shape or form a junk brand.


They can sure use it, Bankruptcy is always around Colt’s corcer. Man, I don’t know how they do it, given all these govt contracts.


Colt lost out when they stoped selling to civilians.


That’s because Colt had some issues, there’s also the Canadian branch (Colt bought out Diemaco some years ago) and they sell to/support many foreign govt clients.


Colt makes solid duty grade rifles ,thats it really. They shouldve bought out LWRC like they said they were going too. Theres zero innovation out of them.


They did. LWRC just continued operations as a separate business entity and as such remained untouched. Same thing with the Freedom Group. FG owns AAC but AAC is okay because they run independently within the FG overall structure.


Yeah I’m pretty clueless there as well.


Colt seems like America’s HK if you ask me. They don’t seem to care about civilians at all. I have heard that Colt Canada/ Diemaco have made some of the nicest colt rifles in the past.


They are coming around but really late to the game. They are much better then HK now.


Thank God, but they have already missed the boat. Every time I have had the chance to buy a colt AR I think what are they offering that is special, or that I don’t already own in a different company’s platform?