Bcm recce 16 or Lwrc di your pick

Go to war rifle …Shtf rifle…


Both are good option. Im leaning towards the LWRC being a slimmer hanguard. Checking out the speck online and its a .5lb difference the BCM is lighter, my honest opinion is you should build your own rifle, as of right now i did alittle research and you can buiild a lower from aero precision, a lower parks kit from PSA with a Stock from MFT that includes a buffer tube and spring and buffler, all fr under 200. Then spend the money on a high quality upper and ammo.


Well i posted the topic to see other’s thought’s.I own both rifles,Friend of mine ask me the same question.Me i prefer the Lwrc di for one the gasblock is pinned.For two the barrel is alot more accurate then my bcm.A hot barrel will really show how accurate your rifle really is.And lastly the bcg is one unit.The bcm is a great rifle but ill have to give the nod towards the Lwrc di.Plus the ambi controls are supernice


@Caw sonny done beat you on another one.

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wonder how this all ties in with the issue some of these companies are now having with their product line?