But obsolete when adopted and outclassed by all it’s contemporaries in all ways but aesthetics.

SAI with H&R 1961 barrel and Win stock. The other major parts are SAI…


Beautiful is a word that can only come close to what I see.


Yet it is still in use today.


Uncle Sam will use his war stock rather than purchase 100k SCARs…


Obsolete my donkey, the son of the greatest battle implement ever made, heck they are still using them today. Because pew pews cant do what it does.
Reach out and touch someone.


And Uncle Sugar has thousands of them in stock. He sure is not gonna procure 100k SR25s, SCAR17s, or HK 417s. I love my M1A, but it was outperformed by the FAL, (a fully developed) AR-10, as well as the AR-15. The T44E4 only became the M14 due to rigged tests and ordnance corps bias. It was intended to replace the M1 carbine, BAR, SMG, and Garand. It failed at three of those. It is a very pretty rifle. It is a mediocre-performance rifle.



Beautiful rifle!

What’s the longest distance you have shot it for target practice or hunting?


Always making it better…

Added a NM rear sight and zeroed it at 200 yards. Low light sucks, so back to the USGI it may go. After all its only money.

Ive never had a hankering to shoot it past 200.


Time to throw a AN/PVS2 at it then.


I only have 100 yd available. I’m easily on paper. No precision here. :face_with_head_bandage: