Bed side pistols and sleep inertia.

What do you think about this?


He must be a sound sleeper


UpChuck brings up some points to think about, I don’t necessarily agree with all of it, but some good food for thought none the less.
I hear my alarm immediately, I also beat the living hell out of the snooze button!! However, I am aware I did. I dont usually fall back to sleep & I turn into quite the mathematician on how long I can still lay there staring at the ceiling.
If it’s something I WANT to get up for, unexplained noise, dog barks/ alerts me, hunting, gun show etc., I jump right up, very alert & clear minded. Something dull or stupid like work, Dr. appointment or nothing on the days agenda, I’m awake & alert but my slug a$$ isn’t leaping out of bed for a few.


about the only thing he said that made sense was if you can’t open your safe than it is unsafe to hold your firearm (or what he should have said)
The term should have been sleep impairment, which affects everyone regardless of how fast they wake up.


But to different degrees and with some creative training you can improve your response, at a minimum learn what your responses are anyway.


I have been teaching firearms instruction for years for new shooters and experienced also LE.
The one thing I always do in class is a drill (with blue guns, The class room has no windows and 1 door.) I have a blue gun in front of every student as many ask the proper way of storing their firearm at home.
I have always told the students that this decision is on their shoulders and everyone has different circumstances at home, whether it is small children ( too young to teach proper firearm safety to) or just a personal comfort level.

As we all discuss where to store your firearm, I listen as we all discuss this, options vary from in a lock box to a safe, ammo in one location and firearm locked up in another. Or just loaded on the night stand.

As the class and I talk about this, I walk around the class room and place a blue gun in front of each student, I tell them to NOT touch it as it is for the next step in the class.

With everyone still talking and debating the location of their firearms while at home, I tell them all that there is NO correct answer, as it is a personal choice.

I then go around the room to each student and ask where they will keep their firearm and in what condition ? Locked up ? In another room? In a safe? as each student tells me, I place the firearm either with a lock on it, or under the table, or on the table across from them. Trying to make the scenario close to what they will have at home while sleeping.

I then have everyone’s attention as I walk around the room and ask them to play along with this scenario… It’s 3am and you’re asleep, all of a sudden you hear glass break at your front door.

(This is the point that I’m at the class room door, and I slam the metal door shut and turn out the lights.)

I’m yelling someone just broke in to your home and they are coming after you and your family, Grab your firearm, hurry grab your firearm.

Then I turn on the light in the class room, and see who will survive the home invasion. The look on many of faces is priceless.


Good drill, it is a personal thing for everyone as your senerio demenstrates. I wake pretty quickly, my problem is my legs and back slow my ability to get up and to my gun as fast as I used to. Seeing as there are no kids in the house the night stand option works for me.


I love it. Why did everyone think I was joking when I said that I sleep with my gun in a shoulder rig?


Where I keep mine is secret, y’all ain’t getting my candy lol


Cursed/blessed to be a light sleeper.
All the years of having to be rolling out the door in a minute probably has a lot to do with it.
Having slept with guys for 30+ years…

Not that way you perv’s :grinning:

I’ve seen so many sleeping types. From light to DOA.
My first assignment at the central alarm based house my job as a new FF was to wake up Old Pete [RIP] the dispatcher as he was definitely a DOA sleeper.
The injun [RIP] snored so loud they’d throw shoes at him - he’d “MF” us and be back snoring in seconds. Usually didn’t hear the LOUD dorm alarm. Had to wake him up for most calls The crew put his bed in the bathroom. He ended up diagnosed with sleep apnea and finished life on the CPAP machine. Pretty common now IIRC

Good post - knowing and assessing your strengths and weaknesses is a good thing.


Sleep apnea is no joke my brother ask me when he got married if I ever noticed his snoring or not breathing well when he sleeps cuz his wife noticed it I used to sleep in the same room and I guess he had one of the worst cases where his heart would stop beating a lot of times during the night now he sleeps with a CPAP or oxygen and he sleeps better he’s not as tired as he used to be


I think the question on your seriousness remains, do you?


you mean you weren’t?


My daughter (15) will come to my room and get my gun if I don’t wake. I keep it on the night stand ready to go. If there is company or kids around then it is unloaded and on the top shelf of the closet.

as for the CPAP. my work neighbor went theu hell with sleep studies and high and low pressure CPAPs and now uses some sort of plastic mouthpiece that works better than all the other things he tried. Definitely worth looking into for those using the machines.


In use and autoPAP


Ok, this is getting fun. No straight answer.
So let’s try this.

I believe you sleep with a gun in a shoulder rig.

Question now becomes, are you wearing the shoulder rig while you sleep? And do you sleep lying down in a bed?


Hmm. “Someone is interested in my bedroom habits?” Or “Break into my house and find out?”

Straight answer

I do wear it while sleeping. and I sleep in a bed.