Post makes you smile?

then give a beer!!



That’s pretty cool! I like this one better than the hearts :+1: and the size of the Emoji is a little bigger?


Check your fridge!!


Outstanding, very nice good job!


Doesn’t work on mobile?


pffft, can you be trusted with a Beer on the move?

try a refresh, should be on mobile, if not, I’ll need a beer


I don’t even see it on my desktop. I have refreshed.


Working fine on my phone and tablet.


You on CR-7 theme?


Maybe, I just logged out and back in - still no change.


Check for the * by CR-7



I just switched to the Tablet theme and its there now. - I meant beta2.


Only see smile no beer. Theme suck. Me go away now.


Click smile - turn into beer.


It work.


Default theme is now FULL30



I no gots a Full30 Theme



Never mind - refreshed and now I do.


Requires refresh


notifications should be showing beer as well


Cool, but gives a whole other feeling when one runs out of beer.