Before you buy another box of stale cookies

#1 girl scouts lobbying for gun control.


Whelp, that’s the last I buy of those. To bad because I really like a couple of the flavors (and no, they are never stale). My wife’s going to fight me on this but I won’t support these idiots. I blame the parents and leaders for pushing this and for brainwashing the girls in to this line of thinking.


We have to be careful how we respond to these things, here we have an article that starts with a single:

A Girl Scout troop in Ohio…

and ends with:

not at the expense of helping an organization

A single troop does not an organization make (insert Yoda meme here)

We may be able to get in with our local troops, help them move 10k boxes as a pro gun cause and turn the tide

Sadly the Gender Scouts are already lost


Well crap. This is sad news. We’ve seen the Scouts cave to the gender fairy, now this. I do see @Robert point though. This is only one troop. Let’s not throw the baby out with that bath water. But if it spreads I’ll be done as well. Gonna be hard turning down the little girl down the street that still goes door to door. She doesn’t hawk in front of stores. She does the leg work and I only buy from her.


he he he, cookies still right?

Imagine that story,

You: I’m not buying cookies from you as I need my guns to protect you


You: No I want to buy cookies but I need my guns

SWAT: get on the ground commie scum!

yep, its bad


:joy: Ya know… as I wrote those words I knew if they got any response at all it would be from you. Thanks for not letting me down.


In my opinion by now the organization knows about this troop and hasn’t said a word that I could find. That tells me they support this bullshit. Silence = guilty