Being prepared doesn't mean waiting for the Blue Hats to come for your guns

For those of us that live in the west, we know about fire season. But are we really prepared?

This is a fire near my house (not close enough to be in danger) that was 30 acres on Friday and was declared over 5000 acres last night. You could see the flames from just about the whole valley when the wind changed to blow from the south and blew the smoke to the north. And last night, you could see the glow through the smoke.

I knew that this was going to be a big one on Friday when 2 fire bombers showed up. You don’t send fire bombers for a 30-acre fire.

Be safe my fellow westerners!


This is something I definitely will be watching for. When we move from Texas to Idaho we are trading tornadoes for fires on the dangerous natural disaster list.

Stay safe.


Had one close to me down here in AZ, (Woodbury fire) burned 123,500 acres and lasted for around 3 weeks. Smoke was bad for a long time. Been a bad year for fires down here.


The company that is now my former employer as of last week bought a bank down your way a few years ago. Doing discovery visits down there braved to be problematic due the massive fire going on.