Being ungrateful and negative!


(THANK YOU @FULL30TEAM)for providing this platform you deserve better!
I’m here to say thank you it’s appreciated i comprehend the time money and effort put in to developing it!

I for one cannot understand the bitching and moaning going on complaining like children, I want this I want that, why isn’t this happening fast enough!
What’s your problem? sit back and wait your damn turn! why don’t you start your own gun platform and then sit and listen to certain people bitch and moan about you!

This is my one and only rant, kiss my ass if you don’t like it i don’t care!


Thanks, SAK67.

You said what needed to be said (and I sure could not have said it better myself).


I think people dont want to see this place go under is all. Most of us like this place and are concerned about where this place is headed since no one is really moderating it or improving it as was discussed by full30 awhile back. Its not whining and bitching as much as concern , why not talk to the people having discussions on this stuff instead of talking trash?


I can understand some people are impatient, all their hard work is on the line if YT pulls the plug on them. I’m one of those people. But I also understand what goes on behind the scenes, So I sit tight. Some of us are going way beyond the call of duty to help here. Asking for an update isn’t beyond reason.


I agree, I think people want to jump the gun and make assumptions in the name of kissing ass.


Well said and my thoughts exactly.


Patience is a virtue that seems lost to most people–age notwithstanding. Its our instant gratification society at its best (or worst if you hate it like I do). Plus most of these people may know some or a bunch about creating and managing a video channel but know zero–diddily squat about web/forum design and all the backend that makes it all happen. So, if you’re one of these people either complaining or being impatient just relax and go to the range and send some metal downrange. :cowboy_hat_face:

I will say that all this waiting around has sort of poisoned the forums a bit. The off-topic color commentary and non-2A related content is starting to take over. There’s less and less to comment on that doesn’t turn in to a circus. Yes it is how the internet works but we all should adult enough to power through it.