Benchmade helps Oregon City PD destroy guns.


This dosnt mean much to me. I dont like benchmade and find them overpriced for what you get, ymmv.



Very bad optics for Benchmade! I don’t care that they “can’t sell” the guns. Benchmade did not have to help them destroy the guns and should not have gotten involved in their destruction.

What a waste!


Its not like knifes are immune either



Looks like in the U.K. - it figures!


Benchmade wants to be a dick then they will end up like DICKs.


Benchmade can kiss any business from me goodby just for agreeing to help this abomination happen.
And as you can see once the firearms gone the knives will be next.
Then bats, hammers, frozen sausage, ice cubes, ect, ect.


Fuck Benchmade. They clearly: a) do not believe in the constitution and b) are too dumb to realize after guns knives are next (*see England).


I’d also like to point out these fucks at Benchmade need to work on getting the knife laws and regs overturned because you are restricted up the ass all around the country about the knives you can carry in public.



Benchmade is overpriced, this is just more reason to not buy their stuff. I generally stick to Kershaw, Buck, and Kabar/Becker. I really like Fällkniven too but they are $$$


I wish I had a benchmade knife, but I don’t. If I did I’d be doing a video of me cutting it in half. I find it funny how all these companies do these bone head stunts, like Yeti, and Dicks. I look at what I own, and I own exactly zero of any of their products. Coincidence?


I read this crap today… 5 minutes after the second clip broke on my Benchmade. I have some issues with this. According to the article I read, many of the guns were evidence or illegally modified and “required to be destroyed”. Ok, fine. BUT, not all were. Some were from other sources that were perfectly useable. I don’t buy the bullshit that they couldn’t be sold. It was purely a “guns are evil” moment. They jumped on it to send a message. To me, it’s like finding a box of old tools in a storage unit… some need to go in the trash but others could definitely go to someone that can’t afford the SnapOn truck. You don’t just say “these tools are bad” and start cutting them up with a chop saw. Why would you destroy these guns? Benchmade made a statement. A very hypocritical one. I’ll be tossing my new Benchmade (after they warranty it) into my toolbox for cutting hose and cardboard. I’ll go back to the CRKT carry knife.


You got it mate. Exactly, 100%. Every time I hear about a company doing something against the constitution and or against my principals I immediately issue a personal boycott. So far it has been for the better. I have zero problem with going without material possessions (that is except at least 1 firearm) if I had to.


And I was so excited that our range just started carrying Benchmade. :tired_face: Glad I found out before I bought one.


Walk away slowly @TickledDog:frowning: Avoid them like the plague.


Wonder if Benchmade would have been better off with saying that they were taking the firearms that were being destroyed and reforging them, Than using a percentage of the profit to donate to GOA or another 2A group.


Very well said.


Yup, ironic. The Benchmade marketing team cut off their own Dick’s. :rofl:





Okay, they’re definitely not getting any of my money ever again.