Beretta 950BS... What?!?! 🧐


I need to stop perusing Armslist so much. I got a Beretta 950BS in .22 short yesterday. Dang is this thing tiny. Beretta calls it the Minx. Yes… I think I bought a lady gun. :grin:


It looks fun.


Hard to see why it looks like a break action and has a mag

but is blowback



Sootch00 did a pretty good review of the .22 short version


The Minx is what my wife says"…it’s cute…". The one I have is a “target” model with a 4 inch barrel :nerd_face:


Nice find!!


I think it’s the neatest little thing. I’m going to take it to the range on Monday.


Work is overrated, go to the range now!


Actually the wife is at work today. I’m playing Mr. Mom all weekend, plus my daughter is home sick from school today. The range can wait! I have little ones to take care of.